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Indiana Dunes Camping: Peaceful and Beautiful Surrounding

Indiana Dunes camping is both relaxing and enjoyable!  I love the memories we’ve created with friends and family on our trips there.  There’s usually anywhere from 7-10 families that camp with our group.

While camping, life slows down. It’s so relaxing and calming to me. I most look forward to morning conversations over a cup of coffee and a fire. It’s also lovely to hear children playing, laughing, and exploring throughout the day. They make up the funniest games, lol. Unplugging and deepening the connections with those we love is rewarding.

Campfire at Indiana Dunes State Park Camping site
RV parked at Indiana Dunes State Park campground
RV parked at Indiana Dunes State Park Campground

I believe campers are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Everyone walking around the campground greets others as they pass. They may say a quick hello or stop for a conversation. Besides, fellow campers also readily offer help when needed.


The Indiana Dunes State Park campground is located in Chesterton, Indiana. The campground provides a beautiful escape in peaceful surroundings.

Brick building housing bathrooms and showers at Indiana Dunes Campground
Bathrooms and showers

Indiana Dunes camping sites are clean and have a full electrical hookup, modern restrooms, and shower houses available. They’re also well patrolled.

Indiana Dunes State Park Reservations and Camping Fees

Entrance to Indiana Dunes Campground
Entrance to Indiana Dunes State Park Campground

Campground reservations are made here through the Indiana Gov website. The cost of reserving sites is $23.

Things to do While camping Indiana Dunes

Nature center building at Indiana Dunes State Park Campground
Nature Center at the rear of the campground

The Indiana Dunes Campground is one of my favorite places to camp not only because of it’s scenic beauty but also because of the nature center situated at the rear of the campground. It allows guests to learn a bit about their surroundings.

camping store building
Camp Store
Colorful map of Indiana Dunes National park hiking trails
Map of Indiana Dunes hiking trails

Sometimes I can be a lazy camper. Being within the picturesque Dunes, however, I often find myself hiking the trails and climbing dunes several times throughout the day. The multiple paths have various levels of difficulty for walking, jogging, hiking, and biking. If you’re up for a fitness test, you can attempt the 3 Dune Challenge, a self-guided trail climbing the three tallest dunes in the park. Besides the trails, there’s also swimming at the lake and beach volleyball. 

woman on bicycle glancing at the beach
Biking in the Dunes
Family hiking Indiana sand dunes
Hiking the Dunes

Try something different during your next stay; give Indiana Dunes camping a try.

The Indiana Dunes Campground is easily accessible and only a short drive from Chicago. The140 camping sites fill up fast, so it’s best to book quickly, you’ll be happy that you did!

Sandy beach at Indiana Dunes State Park
Beach access from the campground
Access to sand dunes from Indiana Dunes beach
Hiking access from Indiana Dunes State Park
woman viewing exhibit at Indiana Dunes Nature Center
Nature Center
individuals walking wooded trails
Hiking trails at the campsite
playground slide at campground
Marshmallows roasting over a fire

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