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A Day at Crane’s Orchards, Restaurant, and Winery in Fennville, MI

What are some of your favorite Fall activities?  Apple picking is so enjoyable and relaxing, it’s easily one of things I look forward to most during the season; especially when the colors are popping.  I’ve been very fortunate that the days I scheduled to pick at Crane Orchards the past few years have turned out warm and sunny!  You can never be too confident with the weather. Spending at least one day at Crane’s is a must every Fall!

Circa 1920's green truck with Crane's Restaurant written on the side
Crane’s Orchard, Restaurant, and Winery

Crane U-Pick Orchards

I look forward to my yearly visit to Crane Orchards in Fennville, MI because it offers so much more than apple picking!  There’s also Crane’s Winery, restaurant, and Pie Shop right next door to the orchards. It’s easy to spend a full day in activities with family and friends.

The orchard is only 2 hours from Chicago.  The drive is easy and peaceful with colorful trees lining the highway.

Woman playing an upright bass on patio while singing at Crane's Restaurant
Delilah DeWilde

There’s over 17 different varieties of apples at Crane Orchards, therefore, everyone can find a favorite!  In addition, you’ll find ten varieties of peaches and sweet cherries for your choosing, and the scenery is beautiful and calming.

Woman picking apples in at Crane orchards
Crane U-Pick Orchard

We always start our time off in the orchard doing apple tasting.

Man cutting apple for free sampling at Crane Orchards
Apple Sampling

Some of the varieties I was previously unfamiliar with such as Mutsi and Cameo have become my favorites.

Red building at Crane Orchards where apples are weighed and sold

The staffers are very knowledgeable and will answer all of your questions.

The apples are spread out, but the directions are clear. If the walk is too much there are golf carts for pickers to ride in.

Apple Orchards at Crane Orchards
17 Apple Varieties

After tasting so many good kinds of apple; I wanted them all!  I got a little carried away with the picking.

Apple picking cartoon

All varieties are $1 a pound.  Make sure to start with a wagon in addition to your bag so that you’re not carrying all of this from the orchard like me!

Red wagon filled with apples at Crane U-Pick Orchards
Wagons to help bear the load

Spotted these mums while walking through the orchard and I couldn’t pass them up!  Only $10! The pumpkins are $0.45 a pound.

yellow, red, and purple mums for sale at Crane U-Pick Orchards
large Pumpkins lined on shelves for sale at Crane Orchards

Restaurant and Winery

After we finished picking, we headed next door to Crane’s winery and restaurant.  Live music is offered on the patio from July through the end of October. 

Man playing guitar on patio at Crane's Restaurant
Delilah DeWilde

Be warned, the restaurant usually has a wait, but it’s worth it.  The inside is like a mini museum with a lot of antiques and newspaper clippings bringing back the good memories of yesteryear.   We had an hour and 15 minute wait but it wasn’t a problem, there’s plenty to enjoy while waiting for your table.

We hung out on the patio during our wait, there’s a walk-up with a limited food and drink menu if you need something light to keep hangriness at bay!

Apple cider donut sold at Crane's Restaurant
Cider Donuts

The cider donuts are the bomb!  Also had a wine slushy which was amazing.  I know that wine slushies and donuts aren’t the usual pairings; I think we should make it the new normal!

The patrons at the orchard are usually laid back and friendly, maybe because they’re enjoying wine and cider flights.   Communal seating is always fun allowing for chit chatting with your neighbor and getting to know them a bit. I usually discover that a large number have also made the drive from Chicago for the day.

Wine & Cider Tastings:

Inside the restaurant, you’ll find the bar for flights and tastings from Crane’s Cider Winery!  I’ve recently become a fan of cideries, preferring the dry and semi-dry.  I learned that Michigan has 66!  The ciders here are solid.

Different wines in glasses for sampling at Crane's Winery
Crane’s Winery: Wine & Cider Tasting
Glass of wine at Crane's Winery
Crane’s Winery

The restaurant offers soups, salads, and sandwiches served on fresh homemade bread.

I usually have their Famous Sloppy Joe served on their homemade bun.  I know, who goes out to a restaurant and orders a Sloppy Joe?  Normally, not me, however, I’ve been hooked on their Sloppy Joe every since I tried it at Crane’s In the City, their second restaurant in downtown Holland. It’s just the right amount of sweet and savory.  The spicy peppers are a nice touch too.

Crane’s Pie Pantry

Inside of Crane's Pie Pantry
Crane’s Pie Pantry

After eating stop in the store and take home some of Crane’s famous apple crisp. They also have their award-winning ciders for sale.

2 jars of Michigan Apple Butter for sale at Crane's Pie Pantry
Michigan Apple Butter

Crane U-Pick Orchards is an enjoyable way to spend the day without breaking the bank.  I’m always surprised at how little money I spend for an all-day venture.

In case you’re wondering what I do with all of those apples, scroll to the bottom.  YUM! If you want the recipe to the most incredible homemade apple pie that I’ve ever had, click here for the recipe!

Make sure Crane U-Pick Orchards is on your Southwest Michigan Fall bucket list! 

Know of another exceptional orchard, tell me in the comments.

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Crane Orchards is located at 6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 49408

Woman sitting on the runner of a truck with Crane's written on the side.
Crane U-Pick Orchards
Woman smiling holding a bag of apples at Crane U-Pick Orchards
Fall Fun at Crane U-Pick Orchards


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