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Dinner and a Show at The Promontory

Cocktail in spotlight

Dinner and a show at The Promontory in Chicago’s Hyde Park Neighborhood is a MUST. It’s the whole package for Chicago nightlife;  A sophisticated hearth-driven restaurant with dishes from Executive Chef Carlos Cruz, solid cocktails, and live entertainment in an intimate venue paying homage to the legacy of the music and arts scene on Chicago’s South Side!

Signage outside of the Promontory restaurant in Hyde Park
The Promontory located in Hyde Park

As a result of my recent evening at the Promontory for dinner and a show, I’m already planning a return! The space and vibe are right up my alley!

Interior of The Promontory restaurant showing floor to ceiling windows and diners
Restaurant Interior
Bar inside of The Promontory restaurant with patrons sitting all around

Promontory Restaurant

I was treated to all of the action happening in the kitchen from my seat at the Chef’s counter and the smells permeating the air along with my observations of the chefs had my mouth watering in anticipation.  My friend and I started with cocktails and appetizers.  The cocktail list is creative with flavor profiles for many palates.  I ordered My Darling Clementine, and it was bomb delicious!  When you sip and pause to contemplate, you know it’s a good cocktail.

Hearth used for cooking at the Promontory restaurant
Cocktail Fall Sgroppino
Tito’s Vodka, Roasted
pear sorbet, Bubbles
Fall Sqroppino Cocktail

The Promontory Menu

Appetizers of smoked feta, hearth roasted sweet potatoes, hearth roasted beets, oysters Rockefeller,and hearth blistered shishito peppers followed. 

I favored the smoked feta, sweet potatoes, and shishito peppers.  I’m a bit obsessed with olives and the combination with the creamy and smokey taste of the feta along with the crunch of the hearth bread was divine.  The hearth roasted sweet potatoes were smack yo mama good!  This dish could be a side dish as well as a dessert in addition to an appetizer.  The texture of the hearth roasted sweet potatoes was perfect, and popcorn and miso butter added a perfect balance of sweet and savory.  I’m still dreaming about this.  The shishito peppers were tasty with a slight fish flavor from the bonito! So Good! 

Plate with moked feta, marinated olives, hearth bread
Smoked feta, marinated olives, hearth bread
hearth roasted sweet potatoes, miso butter, popped sorghum
Hearth roasted sweet potatoes, miso butter, pooped sorghum
oysters Rockefeller, grilled oysters, creamed poblano, parmesan, herb bread crumbs
Oysters Rockefeller: grilled oysters, creamed poblano, parmesan, herb bread crumbs
hearth blistered shishito peppers, miso mayo, cilantro, bonito flakes
Hearth blistered shishito peppers, miso mayo, cilantro, bonito flakes

I shared a video on my Instagram of the shishito peppers covered in bonito flakes, and many people commented asking if my food was alive.  In case you’re wondering too, no. The movement was from the bonito flakes which are dried, smoked shavings of bonito fish; they’re so light and wispy the steam from the hot food makes them dance. 

Shishito peppers with bonito flakes

We moved on to the entrees by ordering the scallops, lamb shank, and salmon. Watching as the chefs prepared scallops prompted me to order my own.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The lamb shank also stood out, it was tender and flavorful.  

Promontory Music Venue

After our wonderful meal, we headed up to the 2nd-floor venue to catch the show featuring New Orleans brass band, the Abney Effect, part of the monthly Fat Tuesdays at the venue. 

The Promontory Music Venue

The energy, stage presence, and musicality had me in awe!  It was spectacular!  The crowd loved it; everyone was dancing and having a good time.  FYI, my cocktail in the upstairs venue was again delicious.  The Promontory has a plethora of culturally diverse shows for you to jam with. Click here for their full lineup and be sure add Dinner and a Show at The Promontory to your list of things to do in Chicago!   

*The dinner and show was complimentary, however, all opinions are mine and genuine.

New Orleans Brass Band, the Abbney Effect

The Abney Effect
The Abney Effect at The Promontory

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