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Living a Beermiscuous Life in Chicago’s Lake View


My friends and I were having brunch one Friday morning in Lake View and decided to forego the mimosas and Bloody Mary’s in favor of a beer after our meal.  The only issue was the breweries in the immediate area didn’t open until late afternoon, early evening.  We remembered spotting Beermiscuous on our walk to brunch and checked to see what time it opened…1 p.m… Score!

It took me a few minutes to comprehend the pronunciation of the beer café I stood in front of but once it clicked it was on!  I laughed about the name alone the remainder of the day!!!

Beermiscuous [beer-mis’ kyoo-uh s] adj.: characterized by casual and frequent enjoyment of a wide variety of craft beer

That’s ME; I’m Beermiscuous and proud of it!  You’ll often find me moving from one craft brewery to the next.  So many breweries, so little time!

 Map of Breweires in the Chicagoland area Map of Breweires in the Chicagoland area

However, Beermiscuous is not a brewery but a beer café.  They have over 350 beers to select from with a heavy concentration on the Chicagoland area.  The beers represent almost every style, so there’s something for everyone.  Grab one out of the cooler to try or do a pour of their draft selections.  Unsure, what to try?  Just talk to one of the beeristas who’ll guide you through the selections or maybe utilize the beer information board to aid in your decision.

 4oz draft pours available for sampling 4oz draft pours available for sampling  Beer information board Beer information board

The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming as a gathering spot should be.  Its obvious space was designed to encourage patrons to linger as you would in a coffee shop.  I spend hours in coffee shops; I’m just saying.  I saw a few people walk in with their laptops.  I never thought of that but why not, clearly I need to get with the program. They offer free wifi, comfy couches and a pleasant noise level, you can actually focus and work here.  I fell hard for this place….it was made for me, and oh yeah, they have lots of beers for experimenting.

They’ve even given thought to the nonbeer drinkers with options of red and white wine, ciders, gluten-free beer, and non-alcoholic drinks.

It’s worth noting that Beermiscuous is a bring-your-own-food (BYOF) establishment.  You can also order delivery.

I recommend this spot to anyone looking for a lowkey place to gather for great beer and conversation.

Beermiscuous is located at 2812 N. Lincoln Ave., in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

 Comfortable Cafe Comfortable Cafe  Warm Cafe Interior Warm Cafe Interior  Beermiscuous retail and cooler area Beermiscuous retail and cooler area  Snacks available or BYOF Snacks available or BYOF

Keep in Mind

  • Free Wifi
  • Pet friendly in retail and cooler area
  • BYOF
  • Kid friendly with parent

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