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Steps For Using DIVVY

Divvy is a bike share system, which is a form of public transportation by bike. Designed for use with frequent short trips, users may only have a bike for 30 minutes at a time.  No worries, there is an abundance of DIVVY bikes and docks throughout the city making it easy to reach another dock and select another bike with time to spare.  Navigating through the city on a bike is convenient and easy and allows you to cover numerous neighborhoods in one day.

In my experience biking in Chicago, I’ve found that the drivers watch for bikers and are courteous.

Steps for using Divvy:

1.    Download the CycleFinder App:  It Maps all of the DIVVY stations in the city and tells you how many bikes are available at each station.  I highly recommend this step.
2.    Purchase a 24-hour DIVVY pass:  you receive unlimited 30-minute rides for 24 hours
3.    After ensuring that there’s an available bike at the dock station, follow the screen instructions to get your ride code
4.    Enter your ride code at the dock of the bike you’ve selected; wait for the green light to flash; pull your bike from the dock
5.    Set your phone timer for 25 minutes to ensure that you arrive at your next bike dock station in plenty of time.
6.    Return your bike to the station.  Make sure it locks in the dock and is secure before walking away.  You don’t want someone to come along and take your bike because you’ll be responsible for it.
7.    Explore and have fun!!!!


  1. Thank you. This site is so helpful for people like myself. I’m not familiar when visiting Chicago. My visit will be enjoyable.

  2. Robea says

    We need to be planning another soon!!

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