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White Castle Turkey Stuffing

White Castle Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Who knew that White Castle sliders made an excellent stuffing! I had no idea until a few weeks ago but discovered through conversation with others that the recipe has been around a long time. Word on the street is this creative twist on stuffing was born years ago when a White Castle employee wanting to enhance her grandmother’s stuffing added White Castle Burgers. This recipe is easy and straightforward; therefore, perfect for me!  I’ve always shied away from making stuffing for large family gatherings in the past, usually leaving it to the older and experienced who have it down to a science. In my family, the stuffing is the co-star of the meal. Therefore, whoever stepped up to task better be sure their stuffing or dressing is up to snuff. While purchasing the ingredients for this recipe, the grandmotherly type at the check-out inquired if I was making stuffing as she scanned my items. I replied, “yes,” she then proceeded to tell me how much sage she uses and warned me not to use too much, lol. …