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woman walking bike across bridge

How I’ve Benefited From Biking in Chicago

If you asked what my most important purchase of 2020 was, I’d immediately say my bike and go into a long spill about all of the benefits of biking. Acquiring a bike wasn’t easy. Everyone wanted one simultaneously; therefore, bicycle shops and online suppliers were out or had long backlogs. I gave up on those and decided to pursue one on OfferUp or Craigslist. However, each time I’d get a lead, the bike would sell before I’d get there. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up because I finally snagged an oldie but goodie from Craigslist. She needed a bit of TLC and demand backed up the bicycle repair shops. But, I was able to get her back after ten days. I can’t fully explain how happy my two wheels have made me! Here are a few ways that cycling has helped me! 1. HEALTHY BENEFITS OF BIKING I’ve never been one to spend a tremendous amount of time in the gym. I’d prefer being tricked into exercising through fun activities, lol. Cycling is …