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What Drives Her? Women Share How They Carved Successful Careers in the Male Dominated Auto Industry

The fourth annual What Drives Her Luncheon will spotlight how women are changing the automotive business from the inside out! An overdue change considering women account for or influence a staggering 85 percent of car purchases. Yet, they hold only 25 percent of jobs in the automotive field. Women in Automotive and a Girl’s Guide to Cars will be hosts of the luncheon.

a panel of 4 women sitting on a stage at the What Drives Her Luncheon
2019 What Drives Her Luncheon

This year’s program focuses on how women are shifting the public conversation, building automotive careers, and impacting sales and trends.

If you’re contemplating a career in the automotive industry or know of an interested student, don’t miss this event! I was beyond inspired after I attended last year. Women candidly shared how they overcame obstacles in an industry where they often didn’t feel welcome. I was both moved and energized as I considered my goals.

What Drives Her Luncheon Panel Speakers

The panel speakers are paying their successes forward by mentoring and advising women and men looking to build a career. What better way to spend an afternoon than in a room of individuals lifting and encouraging you to nurture that inner spark and achieve what you set your mind to? Also, they’ll explain how they broke through barriers and stimulate you to do the same.

people sitting at tables at the What Drives Her Luncheon at Chicago Auto Show
2019 attendees of What Drives Her Luncheon

Speakers include:

Group of women posing for a picture at the What Drives Her Luncheon
2019 Speaker Panel and Guests

What Drives Her Luncheon Date and Time

Join in on the conversation! The event occurs from 11:30 a.m -2:45 p.m on Friday, February 7th, during the Chicago Auto Show preview. Automotive professionals, media, and students interested in a career in automotive are welcome. To attend, complete this Google Form. Unable to attend in person? Join in on the Facebook Live Stream on A Girls Guide to Cars page. Click here for the Facebook page.

McCormick Place is located at 2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616

This post is sponsored by A Girl’s Guide to Cars, however, all opinions are my own.

woman sitting in Toyota vehicle simulator at the Chicago Auto Show
2019 Chicago Auto Show

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