15 Minute Molletes-Mexican Open Faced Sandwiches 26 Oct - These no-fuss open-faced Mexican sandwiches or Molletes are easy to make and tasty!
The Tipsy Housewife’s: Bean, Greens, and Proteins Recipe Challenge 30 Jan -

Chicago Chef April Lee AKA The Tipsy Housewife recently challenged me along with a group of other fabulous females to create a healthier recipe using ten ingredients or less. 

Carlyn Berghoff’s Shrimp Martinis 26 Dec -

After a tour of the Berghoff restaurant in Chicago, I was gifted with a cookbook containing a collection of the family's history and recipes.  A gift of motivation...

Chicago Names its Cocktail of the Year 13 Nov -

YELP bought together 15 of Chicago’s favorites bars and challenged them to create a unique and simple cocktail for their Cocktail of Chicago competition.

Girls Night Out: The Chopping Block Recreational Cooking School 25 Mar -

My friend Carol and I recently decided to treat ourselves to a night out at The Chopping Block recreational cooking school in Chicago. It was an experience we won't soon forget. We had a ball!