Living a Beermiscuous Life in Chicago’s Lake View 31 Jul-

Beermiscuous [beer-mis’ kyoo-uh s] adj.: characterized by casual and frequent enjoyment of a wide variety of craft beer

Revolution Brewing: Fresh Tastes Better 21 Dec-

Named one of the top 50 craft brewery companies in the United States, in 2015, Revolution Brewery is the largest independently owned brewery in Illinois.

Navigator Taproom: Self-Pour Comes to Logan Square! 26 Oct-

The self-pour taproom trend seems to be growing as Chicago recently welcomed it’s second to the city.

Red Arrow Taproom: A Craft Beer Fest Everyday! 11 Sep-

There’s no better way to describe Red Arrow Tap Room than in their own words, “A Chicago Craft Beer-Fest Every Day!”

Hunter’s Brewing: How This Small Midwest Brewery Maintains a Loyal Following 29 Jul-

There certainly is no shortage of brewery choices in the Midwest. Hunters Brewery in Chesterton continues to be one of my favorites.