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CYCMODE: Experience Cycling Like Never Before

Chicago is full of options when it comes to indoor cycling and spinning classes. However, there’s only one studio in the city that pairs immersive, virtual cycling with bikes that move.  In fact, it’s the only studio on the planet!

I’m speaking of CYCMODE indoor cycling studio in Chicago’s South Loop!

Tasha White, the owner, opened the facility in the summer of 2017.  White previously worked in the corporate world 20 plus years before following her passion for cycling and dream of owning her own business. Her story is inspiring!

Cycmode Indoor Cycling Studio

Cycmode Indoor Cycling Studio


As previously stated, CYCMODE is the first indoor cycling studio in the WORLD to offer moveable bikes along with the fully immersive experience. I thought it sounded cool, but I honestly hadn’t fully comprehended the concept.  However, once I toured the studio, checked out the equipment, and screen….what I didn’t comprehend before I abruptly understood! OMG!  This was nothing like the cycling classes I’ve attended in the past. I was so pumped to try this!

RealRyder Indoor Cycling Bikes

The studio features RealRyder Indoor Cycling Bikes, the industry’s only indoor bike that allows riders to lean, turn, steer, and balance through three planes of motion.  The screen is a 40-foot wide curved projection screen that provides an immersive viewing experience.  You feel as if you’re in the scene.  This is the future of Fitness!

Cycmode's Moveable Bikes

Moveable Bikes

Cycmode's 40-foot wide, curved projection screen

40-foot Wide Curved Projection Screen

Class Options

There are several class options from which to choose.

  • THE TRIP:  A workout with a journey through digitally-created worlds.
  • LES MILLS SPRINT:  A 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout
  • FREESTYLE: A beat-based ride with a high-energy playlist.  It combines calorie burning endurance intervals.

My friends and I took THE TRIP, there are eight workouts that change along with the music that’s queued to the exercise.

Kailee was the instructor for the class.  let me warn you, she’s full of energy and fiercely motivating.  I didn’t want to disappoint her spirit, however, I was struggling, haha.  It could’ve had something to do with the fact that my friend and I had just come from feasting at a Korean Barbecue restaurant in Chinatown!  (I know!)

I didn’t realize that controlling the bike would be so challenging! You have to concentrate on keeping the abs and muscles engaged to maintain control.  As a result, you get an effective workout. Kailee made it look so easy, she is STRONG.

Cycmode's 40-foot, curved projections screen

Fully Immersive Experience


From Left- Alex Stewart, Flo Lawnicki, Katie Carrico Klimek

Alex Stewart, Flo Lawnicki, Katie Carrico Klimek

Post Workout Thoughts

The trip was fantastic and my muscles were on FIRE!  I suppose that’s good, lol.  The killer curves that you had to lean into, significant hill climbs, and several specific high-intensity intervals made for an intense workout.  This is indoor cycling on another level!  To be honest, I was nervous about falling off my bike, lol.  But now that I’m in the know, I will relax more. Before the beginning of class, you’ll receive thorough instructions on the proper use of bikes and settings.  FYI, if you prefer a motionless bike, no worries, you can lock your bike.

Overall this workout is amazing and perfect for those of us on the struggle bus who are always looking for new motivation when it comes to fitness and exercise.

I hope that you give this studio a try…it’s the next best thing to riding your bike through a stimulating outdoor course.

CYCMODE is located in the South Loop of Chicago at 1333 S. Wabash St.

  • Body Pump, a full-body barbell workout, that will burn calories, shape, and tone your entire body has also been added to the classes offered.
  • Rent the cycling studio for private events including corporate teambuilding activities, fundraising events, birthday parties, bride rides.
Cycmode's wall of motivation

What’s Your Mode?


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